Smart Drinks Vending Machine Solution, Model: N10

N10 is a desktop intelligent wine/drinks vending machine. Users can complete the self-service wine vending by just scanning the QR code on the device.

  • Shorten the chain between wine manufacturers and merchants

  • Real-time mobile payment

  • UnionPay, WeChat, Alipay and other mainstream QR code payment methods;

  • Support 4G Cat1, Bluetooth communication;

Smart Wine Vending Solution

Wine Pod: 5kg liquor by default,customized

Liquid measurement Accuracy: > 98%

Communication: 4G Cat1, Bluetooth, optional built-in eSIM

Battery: Max 15 days standardby

Payment Method:WeChat, Alipay and more QR payment


Power Indicator*1, Wine Indicator*1

Interface: Power adapter Port *1

Keypad:Power switch key*1, Wine key*1


Food grade material, GB19778, GB/T5009.81 standards

Battery: 10000mAh large capacity lithium battery

Power: Input100~240V AC50Hz/60Hz;

OutputDC 5V2.0A

Size: 220mm(L)x152mm(W)x320mm(H)

Weight: 2500g

Working Environment

Working temperature: -10~50; Storage temperature: -20~70

Relative humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing

What you can get by Dynamicode Smart Wine Vending:

Ø For merchants: Selling drinks at any time, it can be placed on each table and collect money instantly;

Ø For wine or beverage brands: reach consumers directly, increase awareness, and increase sales

Ø For consumers: Buy on demand at any time, avoid waste caused by over-buying, reduce the burden of carrying packaging, and more beverages to choose from.

How the Smart Drinks Vending Machine works? Please contact Dynamicode team for more info.